Official Translations

Traduid provides high-quality sworn translations that are valid for courts, legal proceedings, graduate and undergraduate programs, secondary schools, professional colleges, immigration / emigration services, etc. Documents that we commonly work with include:

  • Documents regarding legal residence, citizenship and nationality, and the absence of any criminal record.
  • Birth, death, marriage, divorce, and legally recognised partnership records.
  • Documents referring to property and real estate, powers of attorney, testaments, and court decisions.
  • Transcripts, diplomas, letters of accreditation and recommendation, enrollment verification, and certificates.

Non-official Translations

Traduid offers high-quality translations of scientific, business, legal and general texts for any of your needs.

  • Research papers, clinical studies, documents for signed consent, evaluation forms, case reports, manuals, and protocols.
  • Product information, labelling and packaging, technical specifications, corporate bylaws, and company policies.
  • Documents relating to lending and leasing, indemnities, testimonials, deeds of ownership, and affidavits.

Proofreading, Revising and Editing

At Traduid we also pride ourselves on our attention to detail when providing proofreading, revision and editing services.

  • PhD theses, oral and poster presentations for international conferences, abstracts and articles for publication.
  • Internal and external communications, non-disclosure agreements, purchase and sale documents, minutes, and patents.
  • Website contents, presentations, advertising, manuals, press releases, and financial statements.
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